This is RiverClan, the swimmers, and strong ones at that, and the loyal. Their territory is located between ShadowClan and Horseplace. Their land is an island located three rivers and that area is hidden in bramble. Their main prey is fish as they know how to hunt fish.



  • None


  • Poppytrail - small, slender tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes; Roleplayed by Rainy
    • Apprentice(For now) - Violapaw

Medicine CatEdit

  • None


  • Frostpetal- Muscular, silver and black striped she-cat with amber eyes; Roleplayed by Glimmer
  • Harestripe- light brown tom with green eyes; Role-played by Softfur112


  • Violapaw - long-legged dark ginger, but appears purple she-cat with bright blue eyes; Roleplayed by Rainy
  • Ripplepaw- long haired midnight black tom with blue-green eyes; Roleplayed by Glimmer
  • Sagepaw- Silver-gray she-cat with milky blue eyes; Role-played by Softpelt112

Queens and KitsEdit

  • None


  • None


RiverClan Roleplay

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